Here at Hi-Rise Athetic Training Academy, LLC we push all our student athletes, so they reach their maximum potential. There are times when your child may not want to train or work out, but here at Hi-Rise we use unique techniques to make all our workouts fun and enjoyable!

Personal training

Whether we choose cycling, swimming, or simply exercise on foot - we will combine the right equipment and exercises to find the best possible training for you. The aim is not only to increase your sense of well-being, but also to improve your health. Excess weight and lack of exercise often lead to poor health and chronic ailments.


Don't let your child become a couch potato. Once we have drawn up your childs training plan, we personally, will make sure you stick to it. We won’t take no for an answer! And what’s more - your child will find exercising can be fun and won’t want to miss a single session.

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