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Hi-Rise Athletics has all of the necessary tools to perfect a person’s ability to achieve his or her goals. My 9-year-old Son has gone through the Hi-Rise Athletic program in its infancy stages, and it has developed my Son into a faster, agile and sound mind player. I employ you to enroll into Hi-Rise Athletics program without hesitation. The program is undeniably perfection, and with Marcus Mattox's keen mind and understanding of the process there isn't a doubt in my mind that you or your child will become successful and supersede your goals.

 Simone Mitchell

 Clayton, NC


For my son walking onto a basketball team without ever having played ball before coach Marcus took the time to explain the rules and fundamentals of the game. Focusing on all the boys strengths and weaknesses on such a short period of time while adding extra practices whenever they needed that extra playing/practice time! My son really enjoyed learning and playing defense on the team!

Stephanie Romano

Clayton, NC


I was nervous, honestly coming to my sons’ games with not knowing what to expect. Julian was placed on the Knicks team with Coach Marcus. First practice I was really impressed with how he took to the boys and his willingness to offer working with the kids outside of scheduled practices. I took him up on his offer and it gave me a chance to give him a little background on Julian. Marcus pushed Julian those two outside practices and it really showed Julian how far he could go if he wanted it. As they worked together learning the game more, teaching them plays, and being more comfortable together I truly saw growth all around. I saw Julian's excitement to get to practice, put in the work, listening to direction from Coach and applying it during the game, and leaving everything on the court. It says a lot about Marcus who took a team that was on all different levels of the game but saw the potential in each one to make them better players/teammates. Julian has really grown and has decided that basketball is his sport of choice. He is taking what he has learned from Coach Marcus and wants to work even harder to become a better player. When you have a Coach that believes in you on good days and bad days it truly makes a difference.



Clayton, NC


Coach Marcus has been an outstanding coach for my 9 years old son. My son has played on basketball teams in the past where I did not feel that the instruction was there.   I appreciate that Coach Marcus explained the reasoning behind the skills that he taught. I am confident that my son can take these skills and apply them successfully to his next athletic endeavor.

 Brian L. Johns

Clayton, NC


Coach Marcus as a head coach did an outstanding job with his team. Marcus even schedule extra practices that took time out his busy day to ensure the best learning experience for his team. He also helped instill confidence in our son that reflects in his school work as well in basketball. We are confident that Coach Marcus has found his calling in life and my wife and I feel lucky our son was a part of his team this past season. This basketball season for our 10 year old son was a very positive experience as well as great learning experience.

Norm Hare

Clayton, NC

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